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 Журнал о современной культуре Петербурга Северный Мотив
St. Petersburg Modern Culture Journal Northern Motive

Funds of the journal "Northern Motive" ( Web-Shop and Educational Centre "Samohinskiy" )

Фонды журнала "Северный Мотив" ( магазин  и учебный центр "Самохинский" ) Russian

Dear friends! Enormous thank to the One, who will wish something to get from funds of "Northern Motive ", for example, the complete version of a  journal "Northern Motive" on CD.
The complete version of a magazine includes musical albums of the Petersburg jazz singers Tatyana Gromova, Olga Ponomaryova, with traditional mainstreem and Russian jazz compositions, instrumental number and "evergreen" tunes from gold fund of world musical culture in performance Anatoliy Dvoyrin and Victor Dunaevskiy, Alexandr Buzunov Band, Anatoliy Mezin Band, Yuriy Boyko Band, it is in the same way can serve an excellent musical allowance.
Russian songs and romances in performance of the known Petersburg and Moscow actors: Arkadiy Severniy, Alexandr Petrov, Rudolf Rostislavin, Valeriy Ergardt, Natalya Medvedeva, Tovarisch and  the famous actors of Russian emigration: Aliocha and Valya Dimitrievitch, Zhenya Shevchenko and many other performers in a genre Russian songs.

We Buy and sell:

Music scholastic allowances: music ( books ), sounded music books, books-textbooks with music application, song text  on various languages with translation.

Compact disks, audio-video-cassettes with rare music record of the varied Russian artistes and groups. Including, live concertoes and demo-records.

Music literature: books, newspaper publications about Russian artistes of the bandstand and jazz. Memoirs ( including, not published )

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