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Журнал о современной культуре Санкт-Петербурга
Северный Мотив

Classical and Folk Music
St. Petersburg Modern Culture Journal
Northern Motive

Classical music, folk, romances, retro

Напишите о своих профессиональных навыках
You may leave a  message here for musicians and actors 
Natalya Sorokina; Alexandr Lobanovskiy; Igor Shipkov
Videoshooting and recording into videodiscs  (DVD, VCD), sound's record)
Alla Barlina; Alexandr Turgel; Natalya Astashova
Video and audio compact-discs of our production in a publishers "Northern Motive"
Recording and making DVD videodiscs for musicians and actors with a discount (videofragments on the right).

Video 237 Kb/14 s Severniy Motiv Video Journal DVD
Video 237 Kb/14 s Severniy Motiv Video Journal DVD


 Laureate of  the competition "Miss Romanse' 2000" Natalya Sorokina. Videofragments appearance in the Theatre of  Bandstand on the 12 th  of April in  2005     Also here

Video 649 Kb/39 s Natalia Sorokina Video 278 Kb/16 s Natalia Sorokina Video 590 Kb/36 s Natalia Sorokina Video 417 Kb/25 s Natalia Sorokina

Performance In TheTheatre of a Literary-Musical Improvisation "Eremushki"  also here

Video 594 Kb/35 s Alexey Zalivalov Russian romans. Video 680 Kb/41 s Viktor Ivanov, Anatoliy Kozlov Video 482 Kb/29 s Eremushki Russian romans. Video 1190 Kb/75 s
Anatoliy Kozlov, Natalia Sorokina Video 599 Kb/36 s Eremushki

Salon of Adam Ulyanov - ancient holidays Slav and Gipsy, evening Russian Romanse, tango, flamenko, exhibitions of raritys are systematic organizined by a member of The Royal Shakespeare Society, collector of art unique materiales Adam Ulyanov.    Also here

Gipsy Dance. Video 1070 Kb/67 s Gipsy Dance. Video 479 Kb/28 s Gipsy Dance. Video 580 Kb/34 s Gipsy Dance. Video 642 Kb/38 s
Gipsy Dance. Video 713 Kb/43 s Russian romans. Video 510 Kb/30 s Anatoliy Kozlov Russian romans. Video 624 Kb/37 s Nina Rilova Russian romans. Video 367 Kb/20 s

Concerts in The Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra

Spiritual and educational centre "Svyatoduhovsky". Evening creative party of pianist and composer Violeta Grinevitch. Photographs and videofragments.

Video 515 Kb/32 s Larisa Golubeva, Zinaida Dyuzhova "Cats" Rossiny Video 315 Kb/19 s Video 520 Kb/31 s Svetlana Pashenko Valentin Ivashenko
Violeta Grinevitch

Larisa Golubeva and Zinaida Tiuzhova congratulate Violetta Grinevitch in The Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra  Fotographs.

Zinaida Dyuzhova Zinaida Dyuzhova "Cats" Rossiny Larisa Golubeva and Zinaida Dyuzhova "Cats" Rossiny Larisa Golubeva, Zinaida Dyuzhova
Zinaida Dyuzhova Larisa Golubeva Larisa Golubeva and Zinaida Dyuzhova "Cats" Rossiny "Cats" Rossiny Larisa Golubeva and Zinaida Dyuzhova

"Northern Motive" presents  Valeriy Kalkutsky as a performer of Russian and Gipsy song
Photographs  and videofragments of  his appearance
Valery Kalkutskiy Video 449 Kb/27 s Valery Kalkutskiy Video 593 Kb/35 s Valery Kalkutskiy Video 501 Kb/30 s Valery Kalkutskiy Video 363 Kb/21 s

Appearance of the performers of folk. Folk ensemble "Russy". Fotographs.
Valeriy Ribakov Nastya Lisichkina Valeriy Ribakov


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