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Журнал о современной культуре Санкт-Петербурга
Северный Мотив

Русский язык
Three Anatoliys Art-Salon
St. Petersburg Modern Culture Journal
Northern Motive

Photographs and videofragments from film "Bard Alexander Lobanovskiy"

Videofragments from film "Как здорово, что все мы здесь" our studio "Northern Motive"
Video 278 Kb/22 s Video 172 Kb/13 s Natasha Leonid Fedorov. Video 549 Kb/43 s Alla. Video 181 Kb/14 s Hava Nagila. Video 405 Kb/32 s
Anatoliy Mezin Vlad Dorofeev

Large photo 
   Professionals plays "Strangers In The Night", but this "Beard" is tryed to accompany to, but not much successfully, and he hadn't get right on chair.
Anatoliy First - Main! 
Large photo 
   He is Best in Petersburg (and, may be in the world) owns engineering of a keyboard bass in the left hand. It's easy to be convinced of it, having listened his duo with saxophoneman Victor Dunaevsky. Tolya divides the keyboard of old Roland E-16 into two parts: the left half is adjusted by bass sounds, right serves for parties improvisation. Simply in a head is not stacked, as he can simultaneously improvise and hold a jazz "alive" bass!
The Best dance pair under management Sergei Kodatko Anatoliy Second 
- The videooperator. 

All videoreportings of evenings - his merit.

    Landlady of Salon - Natalia Sholokhova. This is her house. Large photo 
Left to right:   guitar master Alik, Anatoliy Third - a remarkable pianist and composer Anatoliy Evgen'evich Mezin and two chansonniers - Igor Mezilin and Misha Inozemtsev.


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